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Genus: Adenium

Species: Obesum



This evergreen succulent shrub is called 'Desert Rose' for a reason - it produces amazing bright pinkish-red flowers that defy the plant's arid existence. Being a succulent they are incredibly hardy and drought resistant - they should be treated just like a cactus. The base and stems of Adenium obesum are swollen to preserve water and have beautiful bright green leaves at their tips

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A very hardy plant that is perfect for pots or indoor growing, Adenium obesum thrives on neglect in dry, sunny and high temperature positions.


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Should be treated in a similar fashion to a cactus - water very sparingly, if at all.


Must be planted in loose, free draining soil - just like the deserts where it originated.


Maintenance should be kept to a minimum, with the plants preferring arid conditions low in nutrients. If kept in a pot, fertilise once a year with slow release fertiliser.

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