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Genus: Morus

Species: Nigra



The Dwarf Mulberry is a miniature version of the popular and attractive fruit-bearing plant. While full-size Mulberry trees can reach up to 10m in height, the Dwarf Mulberry is suitable for smaller gardens looking to reap the benefits of a delicious berry crop, only growing to around 3m.Each Dwarf Mulberry produces purple-black fruit that is fantastic in muffins, smoothies or eaten straight off the bush. It is suitable for a wide variety of Australian conditions. The cascade of broad, heart-shaped leaves, as well as being beautiful to
look at, are also a favourite food of silk-worms, which have been used in the production of silk for thousands of years.

Mulberry 1.jpg


The Dwarf Mulberry is suitable for growing all over Australia, from temperate and sub-tropical areas to colder regions. The Dwarf Mulberry can grow 2 - 4 metres in height. Plant in full sun.


Give a medium amount of water when establishing the Dwarf Mulberry. Established plants are drought tolerant and require minimal watering.

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Grows in most soil types. Soil must be well drained.


After fruiting, cut back the plant by around one-third for a continuing yield and to keep it
a manageable size. The berries ripen over an extended time, giving the plant a longer yield period.

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