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Press and Media Releases


All of our plants tell a story. At Tara Valley we are committed to not just growing healthy, high quality plants, but also educating the public on how to grow plants, improve their gardens and their lifestyle.


We do this by offering media releases and high resolution images for the media, in order to help spread the word about our wonderful plants. We also work closely with the media to run competitions and promotions.


For more information on media releases, competitions and promotions, please email or phone (07) 3287 6139.


Beat the Heat - with Roses!

Didn’t think you could grow roses in your Queensland garden? Think again! The heat tolerant and hardy nature of the Flower Carpet Roses from Tara Valley Nursery makes these stunning roses perfect for Queensland gardeners...





Homegrown Blueberry Delight

Blueberries are celebrated worldwide for their delicious sweet taste, but did you know that they're a scientifically renowned super food packed full of nutrients? These berries are great for your health and great for your waistline too - one cup contains only 80 calories...

Contemporary Cordylines

If you're dreaming of long summer days sitting on a beach in the tropics - but are stuck inside next to a heater - why not bring a tropical resort to your home: in winter! Cordylines will give your garden a splash of colour in the drab and dreary colder months and brighten up your life...

Mandarin Limes - Your Next Party Trick!

If you're looking to wow the crowd at your next cocktail party, add some delicious home-grown Mandarin Lime to your guest's drinks - they'll love this exotic citrus delight! Never heard of a Mandarin Lime? You wouldn't be the first! This fantastic ornamental fruiting plant is also known as the 'Rangpur Lime'and produces fruit that looks just like a mandarin - but tastes like a lime...

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