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Genus: Crassula

Species: Ovata



Didn’t think money grew on trees? It does with the Crassula ovata! Commonly called the ‘Dollar plant’ or the ‘Jade plant’, Crassula ovata is a highly attractive succulent with oval glossy green leaves and bulbous branches and trunk. Bunches of small white flowers display in winter, although they rarely flower if kept indoors. This plant is very hardy with water needs similar to that of a cactus, and grows up to 2 metres in height.

crassula ovata photoshop image.jpg


Perfect for pots or indoor growing. Should be placed in a sheltered, sunny position.


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Should be watered infrequently and can tolerate periods of drought.


Must be planted in well drained soil and is suitable for a range of soil types.


Continue with watering throughout winter. The Crassula Ovata doesn't require a dry winter like most succulents and cacti.

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