Genus: Punica

Species: Granatum



Pomegranates provide something for everybody! They are an extremely hardy and highly ornamental tree that bears delicious tasting fruit with a huge variety of uses. They are incredibly easy to grow and every March to May, after showing their beautiful bright red flowers, produce tennis-ball size fruit that each display a tiny crown at their centre. Pomegranate fruit is fantastic in a myriad of recipes, ranging from salads through to cocktails, with their sweet flavour also making them perfect for desserts.


A hardy plant that tolerates hot and dry areas as well as frost, Pomegranates grow to around
5m in height. It does best when planted in full sun and prefers a long, hot summer. The fruit has a fuller, more rounded taste when grown in high temperatures, and they are quite resistant to pests and diseases.


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Highly drought tolerant, Pomegranates are perfect for Australian conditions. Once established, minimal watering is required.


Pomegranate can tolerate a wide variety of soil conditions, but it must be well-drained.


Pomegranates are a low maintenance delight. Remove any limbs that cause crowding, with
some minimal trimming in winter to promote new growth.

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