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Genus: Fortunella

Species: Japonica


With beautiful cream and green variegated foliage and striped fruit, the Variegated Cumquat makes an attractive and delicious addition to any garden! Your fresh crop of cumquats can be used to make preserves like marmalade or jam, sliced and spread over salads or even as a garnish in cocktails. These small trees are bushy in form and have a particularly high yield (they can produce hundreds of fruit a year) so you’ll have plenty of cumquats to share around with family and friends!



 A very high yield plant that is perfect for pots or small gardens, the Variegated Cumquat should be placed in a sheltered, sunny position.



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Should be watered regularly, especially when fruiting.


Must be planted in well drained soil and is suitable for a range of soil types.


Fertilise in spring and summer with a fertiliser specifically designed for citrus plants.

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