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Genus: Solanum

Species: S. Betaceum



The Tamarillo ‘Tree Tomato’ is a tangy, succulent fruit with an edible pulp that offers itself to a variety of tantalizing recipes. The small egg shaped fruit has a shiny red or yellow skin and grows from trees that can reach up to  5m in height. This bushy, evergreen shrub is rapid growing, easy to maintain and can bear 15-20kg of fruit a year! In spring the tree produces fragrant pink flowers, soon followed by its delicious subtropical fruit come autumn.



Plant in warm, sunny areas with solid protection from wind and frost. Fast growing, the tree usually reaches 5m in height and can bear 15-20kg of fruit a year. It’s shallow root system makes it intolerant to drought stress.


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Must be kept well-watered as it is highly intolerant to drought stress but avoid water logging.


Tolerates many soil conditions if kept well drained. Tree grows best in light, deep, fertile soil and should be kept well mulched due to its high root sensitivity.


Tamarillo trees requires well trained, fertile soil and should be pruned lightly after fruiting to keep them looking their best and size maintained in smaller gardens. Growing tips should be pinched out at approximately 1m high to encourage branching.

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