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Genus: Passiflora

Species: Edulis Hybrid



Every Queensland household should be growing passionfruit. Currently selling for around $1 per fruit, growing your own passionfruit is a more affordable way to enjoy this tangy sensation. Passionfruit Grafted Black produces high yields of quality, tasty fruit with an oval shape and dark purple to black skin. For good growth and lots of fruit, plant Grafted Black in a sunny spot of the yard and make sure the vine has a strong support and space to climb. Passionfruit love to ramble over structures such as a wire fence, across a balcony, or over a pergola. The beautiful vine is incredibly useful for covering sheds, water tanks and carports. Passionfruit is a classic flavour of summer and your family will love growing Passionfruit Grafted Black at home. The fresh juicy passionfruit is the perfect addition to a tantalising punch, smoothie, or can be used to flavour tempting cakes and cookies.



Grows well in a warm, sunny position. Needs a minimum of 7 hours of full sun per day during summer. Fast growing in spring and summer, spreads to 1.8-2m on each side of plant.


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Keep well watered until established. Water regularly during growing season.


 Prefers well drained soil and enjoys full sun.


Train young vines up a strong support. Remove dead foliage and cut back any side shoots that touch the ground. Responds to regular fertilising in spring and summer.

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