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Genus: Cordyline

Species: Fruitcosa



The Cordyline John Klass Red is a striking evergreen ornamental plant which will add a vibrant burst of colour to the home and garden all year round. Its rich red trimmings make it a gorgeous display both by itself or when mixed amongst other shrubby plants. It provides a tropical feel to lush colourful gardens, around the pool and resort style areas. Its unique height and structure make it a spectacular decorative feature in contemporary living spaces or for landscaping along fence lines, driveways and embankment. The Cordyline John Klass Red provides a contrast of lively shape and colour, and delivers an organic feel to any home.



Cordylines are easy to maintain and grow, generally reaching about 1 metre in height at maturity. The Cordyline John Klass Red will take full sun to part shade and is highly intolerant to frost.


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 Keep well-watered but avoid water logging. Quite tolerant to dry conditions but this will restrict its growth.


Cordylines will thrive in most soil conditions but prefer well drained rich soil.


Cordylines are quite low maintenance and particularly hardy, shrubby natured plants. They should be pruned to their desired height and to encourage further growth. Cutting all foliage is fine as the plant will regrow from the stem. Feed with organic fertiliser in spring and autumn.

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