Genus: M. 'Capricorn

Species: Dream


Capricorn Dream displays large bright red flowers which look amazing against the contrast of the plant’s lush green foliage. It will grow best in well drained soil, can deal with a variety of soil types and reaches up to 2 metres.

Genus: M. Capricorn

Species: Ice



Capricorn Ice is a bushy shrub that produces large white flowers and broad green leaves, growing to around 2 metres in height. Mussaendas require a moderate amount of water, particularly when establishing, but they should not be over watered.

Genus: M. Calcutta

Species: Sunset


This plant produces spectacular bright yellow and orange flowers with some flowers having a slight reddish tinge. It grows to around 2 metres in height and like all Mussandas prefers a hot and humid environment.

Genus: M.luteola


This plant produces small yellow flowers that each have one large white leaf (or bract) attached, forming an unusual asymmetrical flower structure. It reaches 1 metre in height. Fertilise your Mussaendas with slow release fertiliser and mulch around the plant to promote good flower growth.

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