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Genus: Yucca

Species: desmetiana



A common dilemma for home gardeners is finding a plant that is going to break up a predominately green landscape. The remarkable foliage of yucca desmetiana will help you achieve excellent colour contrast in the garden with a plant that you don't have to look after. This exotic yucca features green foliage that changes to an unusual burgundy colour as the leaves mature. Yucca desmetiana has a slightly different form to typical yucca varieties. The slow growing plant looks like a tower coming out of the garden with a collection of leaves curving gracefully out from the trunk. It's a very hardy plant once established, making it a fantastic option for a low maintenance, water wise garden. This architectural accent plant makes a wonderful feature in the garden, whether planted in groups or singularly, plus the interesting foliage colour makes it a great choice for growing in a decorative pot on your veranda.

Yucca desmetiana.jpg


Full sun to light shade. Withstands heat and drought conditions once established. Slow growing up to 1.2m tall.


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Requires little watering, but give some water when establishing and during hotter periods..


Must be planted in well drained soil and is suitable for a range of soil types.


Easy care. Fertilise annually during spring with a long term slow release fertiliser. Older foliage can be removed as required.

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