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Genus: Vaccinium

Species: Virgatum



Biloxi is a fantastic blueberry plant that produces large light blue fruit with a mottled appearance in late spring and has a second harvest during January and February. Blueberries, apart from being delicious, have many fantastic health benefits from their antioxidant properties. The longer the fruits are left on the bush to mature, the greater the health benefits are, so if you can beat the birds, leave the fruits to the last minute to pick. Blueberry ‘Biloxi’ is very happy in a pot with organic matter and ample moisture.

blueberry biloxi.jpg


Biloxi doesn’t require the low temperatures other Blueberry varieties need to produce fruit, making it perfect for Queensland conditions. It should be placed in a
sheltered position with full sun or partial shade.


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Water when establishing and throughout the life of the plant, particularly when fruiting.


This plant must be placed in well drained soil that has an acid pH - an azalea potting mix is suggested.


Fertilise in summer with a good slow-release fertiliser. Trim regularly to promote dense and bushy growth.

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