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Genus: Carica

Species: Papaya



The Yellow Paw Paw is like having a tropical oasis in you backyard! Often referred to as a Papaya, this Yellow Paw Paw produces large fruit that is a bright yellow colour. This tree comes as either male or female - both are needed for pollination and to grow the delicious juicy fruit. It is widely grown in many tropical and sub-tropical countries around the world - you’ll know why when you taste your home-grown Yellow Paw Paw!

Paw Paw tree.jpg


Paw Paw is easy to grow and fruits quickly. They don't take up much room and tolerate shade, though they will produce much more fruit in full sun. Handy for small spaces that are unsuitable for more demanding trees, Paw Paw are also useful as an intermediate crop to be planted between other fruit tree seedlings until they become established.


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Regular watering is necessary for a growing Paw Paw, particularly when fruiting. The soil should be kept moist but not wet.


Paw Paw is a tropical plant and prefers warmer climates, but can be grown in warm frost-free areas in southern Queensland. It prefers deep porous loam to sandy loam soils with a high organic content. Soil must be well drained as water logging leads to root rot.


Mulch around the plant and fertilise regularly to promote fruit growth.

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