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Genus: Salvia

Species: farinacea



The Premium Ground Cover Range includes a superior collection of ground covers that will perform well in a variety of landscapes and home garden locations. This collection has been carefully selected to include plants which will provide interesting form, exceptional colour and consistent performance.

Blue is one of the most sought-after colours for adding excitement and vibrancy to the garden. Enhance the appearance of your landscape by incorporating Salvia Velocity Blue. It's a striking plant with a bushy shape, green foliage and fan-shaped flowers boasting a beautiful tranquil colour. Imagine the eye-catching dark blue flowers popping against a white picket fence. Salvia Velocity Blue is a great performing plant that benefits from being positioned in full sun to maximise blooming potential. It's fantastic for adding colour to your landscape and will provide interest to garden beds when used as a border plant. Salvia Velocity Blue is perfectly suited to cottage style gardens and looks equally as good when grown in a container on the veranda or left to spill over a hanging basket. For an attention grabbing display in your garden, plant Salvia Velocity Blue with complementary colours such as bright red or yellow plants.

Salvia Velocity Blue (3).jpg


Preferring full sun, this plant has a moderate grow rate.


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Allow soil to dry between waterings. Once established it has low water needs.


A very versatile plant, this plant can grow in a variety of soil types and requires well-drained soil. 


Minimal pruning required. Start feeding with light applications of slow-released fertiliser about every 6 – 8 weeks with the emergence of spring growth.

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