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Genus: Crassula

Species: Ovata



The Premium Ground Cover Range includes a superior collection of ground covers that will perform well in a variety of landscapes and home garden locations. This collection has been carefully selected to include plants which will provide interesting form, exceptional colour and consistent performance. If you want the finest, seek the eye catching 140mm Sage Green pots and Emerald Green Premium Ground Cover label and in all good garden centres.

The Verbena Lanai is a trailing, colourful perennial plant. A true star of the garden, this low maintenance ground cover is admired for its vibrant flowering display. The Premium Ground Cover Range offers Verbena Lanai in Blue, Bright Pink, Deep Pink, Peach, Royal Purple and Red. Mix a combination of colours into your garden for a vivacious display of colour which will attract interest from birds, butterflies, and your neighbours.

VERLAN purple star.jpg


Although non-invasive, it is fast growing and of a trailing nature. At maturity the height is approximately 15 to 30 centimetres and spreads 50 to 60 centimetres.


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Once established only water when dry. Thrives in hot weather and is drought tolerant.


Preferring soil which is well drained, acidic to neutral, moist and moderately fertile. Will tolerate dry conditions and is best to fertilize once a year.


Low maintenance - give slow release fertiliser for flower growth.

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