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Genus: Hibiscus

Species: Hybrids



If you’re longing for a more tropical feel for your garden, the Native Hibiscus is the plant for you! This wonderful flowering shrub is visually spectacular, forming fantastically large Hibiscus-like flowers. It is very hardy as well as being bird and butterfly attracting, and will add a colourful tropical flourish that will delight any gardener! Native Hibiscus are perfect for drier climates and are much lower maintenance that exotic Hibiscus species. Three varieties are available: Aussie Pink, with blushing pink flowers; Aussie Pearl, a bright white flower; and Aussie Delight, which has bright pink blooms.


Native Hibiscus.JPG


Full sun. Withstands heat and drought conditions once established. Grows up to 3m tall.


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Requires little watering, but give some water when establishing and during hotter periods..


Must be planted in well drained soil and is suitable for a range of soil types


Low maintenance. Prune to promote bushy growth.

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