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Genus: Rubus

Species: Ideaus "Tullameen"


The Raspberry Tullameen is summer fruiting raspberry variety that produces
large and sweet flavoured fruits. Tullameen produces very attractive, bright red, glossy fruit with a distinctive conical shape with excellent flavour! These berries keep their shape once
picked, and better yet, have amazing keeping qualities! Ripe Tullameen raspberries are large
and consistently weighing around 5 - 7 grams each throughout the picking season!
After fruiting, this plant produces small white flowers during summer and autumn.
This raspberry species is one of the most popular summer fruiting varieties world-wide and
perfect for the Queensland summer season, as it's a “low chill” plant.

raspberry tullamine.jpg


The Tullameen raspberry plant can grow up to 1.5m tall and 0.50cm wide. This plant can be grown your garden, or in a pot. Plant in a sunny spot with good air circulation to avoid fungal disease.


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Water regularly but do not over water. Watering should be increased during the fruiting periods.


This plant grows best in well drained soil rich in organic matter. Improve the soil with material such as compost or mulch.


Hard prune of old canes in late winter to early spring. This is best done before ant new spring growth. This will improve the yield of fruit.


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