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Genus: Ficus

Species: carica



Brown Turkey Fig is a small fruit tree producing an abundance of generously sized brown skinned figs. The decorative, exotic looking, fragrant fruits have a juicy, sweet flavour and taste amazing. Brown Turkey is a popular variety of fig for the home gardener because it's extremely easy to grow. This minimal care fruit tree will leave more time for enjoying the benefits of growing your own fresh fruit at home. Brown Turkey Fig is an
excellent addition to oval or rectangle shaped gardens in a larger yard and will cast a welcoming summer shade. But don't feel like you'll miss out if your home's landscape has limited space, because this tree flourishes in a pot and makes an attractive edible display on the patio. Figs are at their most delicious when the fruit is soft, so pick your home grown crop when they soften and droop. Devour your figs fresh, leave to dry, or spend some
quality time in the kitchen whipping up a tempting jam.



Full sun, prefers a warm dry climate. Selffertile, fast growing, up to 3 –5m tall.


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Too little water may result in lessmeaty or even hollow figs. Will only need occasional watering once established.


Grows best in light, well-drained neutral soil.Water: An even moisture supply is important during fruit development.


Easy to grow. Prune to encourage new growth and remove any branches that are diseased,
broken or overlapping. Apply fertiliser annually in winter.

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