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Genus: Ficus

Species: carica



Fig trees have been cultivated for thousands of years, and now you can grow these delicious and flavoursome fruit in your own garden! Black Genoa Fig has a large-sized fruit with purple skin and red flesh with a sweet, rich flavour. Not only great tasting, figs are one of the richest sources of calcium and fibre in the plant world. The Black Genoa Fig produces a large crop and has a low level of maintenance, so now you can have a plentiful
supply of healthy and delicious figs at minimal cost!

black fig.jpg


A very high yield plant that is perfect for pots or small gardens, the Black Genoa Fig should be placed in a sheltered, sunny position.


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Should be watered infrequently and can tolerate periods of drought.


Must be planted in well drained soil and is
suitable for a range of soil types.


Fertilise occasionally and trim to create a structured form. Fig trees usually require little
pruning, making them low maintenance and highly rewarding!

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